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Local Minds in Hampshire Deliver Collaborative Adult Wellbeing


Andover Mind, Havant and East Hants Mind and Solent Mind jointly provide adult mental health and wellbeing services across the county. By working in partnership, specialist services are available to more people across Hampshire. In addition to new service delivery locations, our local Wellbeing Centres continue to be hubs focused on supporting our communities and service delivery.

Within the three charities, there are valuable specialist skills and support services that have previously only been available to those within the charities’ operating areas. By working together, this specialist expertise can be shared, and support made available across the region. Our wellbeing services offer recovery-focused mental health support that aims to provide clients with the tools and resources necessary to manage their own mental wellbeing. Through 1:1 support and wellbeing related workshops, we can help them identify their needs and move towards their goals.  

Accessing these services can be done both through self-referrals and referrals from professionals. After we receive your referral, we will contact you to book an assessment with one of our Wellbeing Practitioners.

Hampshire’s new Adult Wellbeing Services provide support for people with a range of mental health issues ranging from prevention and early intervention to maintenance and recovery. Our teams will work collaboratively with other partners to ensure improved mental health and wellbeing for people over the age of 18 years old; ensuring joined up care, supporting both prevention and early intervention in line with the Adult Community Mental Health transformation programme, Public Health Strategy and Adults Health and Care 5 Year Strategy.

The reach of these wellbeing services extends into primary care offering a first contact response function for individuals seeking help with their mental health, helping them to understand their personal recovery goals and quickly finding the right mix of support to help them achieve those goals.

The service will provide a blend of face to face services and remote support including via telephone and online platforms where appropriate. People who use the service may self-refer or be signposted to the Adult Wellbeing Services from other agencies. The service will provide a universal offer with targeted services to tackle inequity and inequality across Hampshire. Our Adult Wellbeing Services focus on prevention and early intervention through providing both structured and unstructured interventions to people to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing.

The evidence base reinforces the need for Adult Wellbeing Services to deliver structured programmes such as “Stress Control” over a medium term (5-9 weeks) and bridge to local IAPT providers for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Adult Wellbeing Services will form part of an integrated pathway of support, working with people to connect them to local services for any additional support needs, including housing, benefits, crisis support or other specific mental health needs. Adult Wellbeing Services will be able to work with people with a range of mental health needs where their skills and competencies are required and will continue to be supported by secondary care with managing risk and complexity. The service will ensure accessibility and reasonable adjustment for those with other conditions such as Autism (in line with the Hampshire Mental Health Autism Charter) and physical disability and will be sensitive to the requirements of local populations in Hampshire.

Given the mixed geography of Hampshire, Adult Wellbeing Services will operate a blended model of delivery both from buildings throughout Hampshire and through remote digital technologies. Different models of delivery will suit different service users and a blended model will ensure digital inequalities are not exacerbated whilst improving access for those groups where travel to a physical centre is impractical or unaffordable.

We recognise, respect and respond to the needs of our community members, supporters and service users. The Adult Wellbeing Services will be reviewed with a formal cycle of service reviews, including service user feedback to ensure it remains fit for purpose and meets the needs of a diverse range of people with mental health and other secondary support. 

To find out more about your local Mind and the mental health services on offer, visit our websites: or If you are outside of Hampshire, you can visit to find your local Mind in England or Wales.


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