Training and Workplace Wellbeing Services

All our training courses can be tailored to fit your organisation’s or group’s needs, ensuring every session is bespoke to those attending. Our Wellbeing at Work course gives a package of support for your business and employees in a way that suits your business best. Looking after the wellbeing of your workforce will promote greater staff retention, less sickness absence and a happier more productive workforce.

The video below introduces you to some of the training and services we offer and includes testimonies from those that have accessed our training and workplace wellbeing support. 

Our current training offer includes:
• Workplace wellbeing for Line Managers
• Mental health awareness and resilience in the workplace for staff
• Mental health awareness for practitioners in a customer/patient facing role
 Mental health training for schools
• Practical wellbeing support for staff on and off site
• Mental Health First Aid
• Accreditation and policy support
• Mindfulness training
• HEH Mind Ambassadors
• Connect 5
• Blue Light Programme

Here is an introduction and summary of the training available

Workplace Wellbeing for Line Managers

This course covers managing and supporting staff, preventing some of the triggers for illness, managing difficult conversations and/or the return to work. 

The course is designed to ensure Line Managers:
• Understand the different types of mental health issues in the workplace and their incidence
• Recognise the link between workplace factors and emotional wellbeing
• Can provide information and tools to support employees to manage their mental health
• Understand how to link this to a supportive policy and good practice in the workplace
• Are trained, supported and confident on mental health and wellbeing and how to positively promote it in the workplace
• Are clear about the guidelines on mental health issues and how to implement them practically
• Feel equipped to support staff who are experiencing mental health problems like anxiety, stress or depression
• Can manage mental health related absence and presenteeism optimally
• Are regularly asking staff about their wellbeing and can talk confidently about it
• Can advise staff how mental health is managed in the workplace and what support pathways (internal and external) are available? 
• Are aware of and can signpost to internal support pathways

Mental health awareness and resilience in the workplace for staff

Through the course you will build up a collection of tools and skills for coping better with stress, anxiety, relationship issues, social pressures and difficult emotions like anger.

The course’s training objectives are:
• To understand the importance of resilience in managing workplace mental health 
• To provide an overview of techniques that can promote resilience 
• To identify personalised resilience toolkits 
• To signpost ways to further develop resilience skills 
The course covers:
• The concept of resilience and traits of a ‘resilient’ person 
• The interaction between resilience and managing stress at work  
The course gives an overview of different approaches to improving resilience including:  
• Positive psychology  
• Self-awareness and workplace boundaries 
• Technology and workplace mental health 
• Mindfulness at work 
• Stress management techniques 
• Practical examples of how to improve resilience in the workplace.  
• Action planning and/or goal setting of employees awareness/understanding of how mental health is managed and what support pathways (internal and external) are available. 
• Provide staff with a range of resources local and national that could promote better mental health and wellbeing and provide support to staff.

Mental health awareness for practitioners in a customer/patient facing role

 The course can be adapted for
• Call centre staff dealing with customers in stressful or difficult situations
• Staff in housing/local authority offices, environmental health, or home/school link workers
• GP practice staff and same day care teams
• Case holders in substance misuse/domestic abuse/advice services

Along with other settings; these can be made bespoke following consultation with you.
Note: some training packages are free for certain services, depending on criteria, please enquire to see if you qualify.

Mental health training for schools

• Focussed sessions for teaching staff and health visitors on topics identified by the schools as priority, examples include self-harm and suicidal tendencies
• Mental health awareness for non-teaching staff – playground supervisors, administrative roles and volunteers
• Policy and implementation of whole school approaches to mental health

Practical wellbeing support for staff on and off site

We can deliver confidential one to one support for your staff both at the employer’s base or at a neutral location such as our Wellbeing Centres located right across Havant Borough and East Hampshire District. This support is focussed on the individual’s needs. The details of the issues and the names of individuals accessing the one to one service remain confidential between the individual staff member and HEH Mind. We work flexibly with the employer to set up the parameters of the service and provide anonymised feedback where possible to help employers make informed commissioning decisions and to feed into their policy and practice improvements in the workplace.

Mental Health First Aid

This is the equivalent of physical first aid; all the course content and resources are developed by MHFA England. The course focuses on how to apply mental health first aid skills. Participants who complete the course become a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

Accreditation and policy support

• We can review existing policies and advise on improvements if required
• We can provide templates detailing best practice policies for mental health promotion and support in the workplace
• If your workplace wants to seek recognised accreditation we can identify suitable models based on the type and scale of your business
• We can work with you to identify the process/changes that might be required to be ready for accreditation/self-assessment/final audit

Mindfulness training

Mindfulness training can make your workplace, school or college a place where staff/pupils can find calm and order in their busy and sometimes stressful schedules. We can deliver mindfulness sessions in your workplace by arrangement (tasters and/or regular planned sessions) or train your own staff to deliver them. There is guidance on this NHS website.

HEH Mind Ambassadors

The Mental Health Ambassador training will cover a range of topics and approaches. The aim will be to ensure Ambassadors feel comfortable talking with colleagues and listening to their conversations about mental health, illness and wellness and keeping mental health and wellbeing on the agenda.
Their role as an Ambassador will be introduced, explained and explored. The training will include the following:
• Increased basic awareness of mental health
• Developed confidence and skills in starting conversations in their workplace
• Professionalism and healthy boundaries
• Privacy and confidentiality
• Risk factor vs protective factors for mental health

In addition an Ambassador will be informed about how to:

Support. Work with other people in the workplace to proactively support the mental wellbeing of staff/colleagues. Provide information about local services

Engage. Make links between the workplace and local mental health groups and organisations and encourage their members to get involved with your workplace

Share. Inform colleagues via social media and other media about Havant and East Hants Mind information, campaigns, events and services

Talk. Start conversations about mental health with colleagues

Advocate. Share guidance and information provided by Havant and East Hants Mind about mental health issues related to colleagues

Volunteer. Get involved and encourage others to participate actively in volunteer opportunities to support people experiencing mental health problems, either by direct or indirect support.

To be a Mental Health Ambassador workplaces will identify potential candidates and encourage them to complete a HEH Mind application form. HEH Mind will then recruit the Ambassador, deliver their training and provide ongoing support and resources throughout the year as required.

Connect 5

Connect 5 is an incremental three session programme, underpinned by the principal of ‘Making Every Contact Count’. The course focuses on developing an understanding of mental health, how to signpost to resources and services, together with building your own confidence in having conversations about mental health.

Blue Light Programme

We are part of the National Blue Light Programme delivering Line Manager training for employers keen to improve the support of their staff in the workplace. Customers include Hampshire Constabulary, Fire and Rescue, Coast Guard and Ambulance Services.

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