Our Governance

Havant and East Hampshire Mind is governed by a Board of Trustees They are responsible for overseeing all of the work we do as a charity. The Board is made up of individual Trustees, all of whom bring their particular skills, knowledge and expertise to ensuring that our organisation is running efficiently, effectively and to the high standards expected as a registered charity and company. This includes

  • Operating within our constitution
  • Within the current financial regulations
  • Always within the spirit of our mission
The Trustee Board is Responsible for
  • Working together with our service users and others to develop our business plan
  • Ensuring the plan is delivered
  • Making key strategic decisions to take Havant and East Hampshire Mind forward.

The Trustee Board meets 11 times a year with Sub Committee meetings in between.

Trustee Recruitment

Trustees apply when we have vacancies, and are voted onto the Board accordingly. They undergo an induction and orientation process. All Trustees must comply with the fit and proper persons test and declare any conflict of interests in line with Charity Commission guidelines

Trustee Board Sub-Committees

Our core areas of work are directed and influenced by our sub-committees which are led by the trustees according to their area of expertise, closely supported by key members of the Senior Management Team.

Each sub-committee is responsible for ensuring that the relevant strategy is being delivered and the organisational goals are on the way to being met through the achievement of the specified organisational objectives in each area of work. The sub-committees meet 4 times a year, and feed back to the Trustee Board Meetings.

Our Trustees’ Profiles
David Childs-Hopkins,  Chair of the Board of Trustees






Steve Southwell, Treasurer





Caroline Francis

Caroline joined in 2017. She has a background in support and advice for people with mental health navigating Department for Work and Pensions process. Among other things she is also active in the Patient Participation Group at Homewell surgery. 



Richard Watts

Richard was appointed to the Board in July 2017. His background in Marketing and Business Development includes 20 years work in London real estate, a period as European Marketing Director for Ella’s Kitchen, and as the Managing Director of Brightmatter UK. Richard is currently a Senior Business Development Manager at VX Fiber, working with local councils and advising them on how to invest in their local infrastructure. Richard became involved with HEH Mind through a fundraising activity and is now dedicating even more time and expertise to the charity.

Amanda Bell

Amanda joined the board in 2017 and is currently working as a social worker in West Sussex.

Stuart Holmes

Stuart is a youth worker and former Youth Minister within the Church of England. Stuart has been heavily involved in the voluntary sector in the area. Stuart lives in Leigh Park and has been a Trustee since October 2018.

Kathryn Orr 

Kathryn joined the board in November 2018. Kathryn is a Minister at Leigh Park Baptist Church and is very active in our local community.  

The Senior Leadership Team

Havant and East Hants Mind is managed operationally by our Senior Management Team led by our Chief Executive, Julie Parker.

Our Senior Management Team consists of

Julie Parker, CEO of Havant and East Hants Mind







Ross Borman, Business Development Manager







Maria Morrell, Director of Services





Each Operational Service has an individual service manager, details of these services can be found on this website

Our Governance Structure