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Adults’ Wellbeing

We are a recovery service that accepts both self and professional referrals for individuals that would like support for their mental health and wellbeing. After an initial referral, you will be booked in for an assessment where we will talk through what you would like to achieve and how they may be done. At the end, a recovery plan will be compiled together with the support from the adults service though our courses, workshops and peer support groups. Whatever you wish to attend will be relevant to your recovery plan and prior to attending, a text invitation will be sent which you can reply to by calling the office.

Your wellbeing recovery journey will last around 6 months and during this time, you will receive a 10 minute check in call every 6 weeks and a review or your recovery plan at 3 months. This review is to see if there is further support you may want or a goal that you wish to add. However, you’re free to call the office at any time during the opening hours if you would like support. 

After you have completed your recovery journey with Mind, you will complete a Wellbeing Maintenance Plan. This will aid you in maintaining your wellbeing by reaffirming the skills you have already learnt. This plan looks at connecting you with other external agencies, whilst still accessing our peer support groups.

Details of the courses, workshops and peer support groups in Alton/East Hants in Word and pdf format and for Havant/Waterlooville in Word and pdf format.

If you need urgent help go to the Adults’ Safe Haven page


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