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Adults’ Wellbeing

Our Service

We are a recovery-focused mental health service that aims to provide our clients with the tools and resources necessary to manage their own mental wellbeing. We accept both self-referrals and referrals from professionals made on behalf of a client with their full consent. After we receive your referral we will contact you to book an assessment with one of our Wellbeing Practitioners.

During your assessment we will explore in which areas of your life you feel you may need some extra support and discuss how this can be achieved. After the assessment is completed a recovery plan will be compiled and sent to you via email or post. This will contain details of any support we can offer you via our one-off workshops, Six week courses and peer support groups as well as reminders of any pre-existing wellbeing skills you can continue to practice on your own.

Your wellbeing recovery journey will be expected to last around 6 months. During this period you will receive a 10 minute check in call every 6 weeks and a review or your recovery plan at 3 months. The review is to see if there is any additional support you may want or any goals that you wish to add or update. However, please keep in mind that you are free to call the office at any time during our listed opening hours if you have questions or would like further support. 

Some examples of the courses and workshops we offer are as follows:

  • Building Healthy Relationships Workshop
  • Building Self-Esteem Workshop
  • Understanding Depression Workshop
  • Assertiveness Course
  • Everyday Mindfulness Course

After you have completed your recovery journey with Mind you will complete a Wellbeing Maintenance Plan. This will aid you in maintaining your wellbeing by reaffirming the skills you have already learnt. This plan looks at connecting you with other external agencies, whilst still allowing you to access our peer support groups if you wish.

If you would like any additional information on anything explained here you can contact our Adult Wellbeing Team on 02392498916 between 9am and 4pm.

Details of the courses, workshops and peer support groups in Alton/East Hants in pdf format and for Havant/Waterlooville in pdf format.

If you need urgent help go to the Adults’ Safe Haven page

Wellbeing Monthly

Temporary change to our services due to Covid 19: 

We recognise that it is important for everyone who needs mental health support to be able to access appropriate services, while also doing everything we can to keep our clients and staff safe.

We are currently offering assessments via phone and in person, with appropriate safety measures in place. If you would like to refer yourself to our Wellbeing service please complete and submit this form.

Reviews will be completed over the phone with a practitioner. Following your assessment you will be able to access the following virtually:

  • Workshops (including new topics related to managing the impact of the pandemic)
  • Courses
  • Peer Support (mindfulness and coffee & chat groups)

As well as some face-to-face peer support, currently Arts & Crafts Groups in Havant and Petersfield and a Walking group in Havant. Our workshops and courses will occasionally be run face-to-face as well to enable clients without internet or computer access to attend.

We are always looking to add to our list of services and welcome our clients’ input through service user forums. Please see information below for more detail about our services.

If you require urgent help and would like to see someone face to face you can access the Adults’ Safe Haven.

We will update this page when future changes are made. 

Accreditations & Awards