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Bespoke Employee Assistance Programme

Is your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) too big to care?

EAPs can be convenient to commission but many organisations are beginning to question their true effectiveness.


EAPs are generally delivered by huge providers, offering pick and mix standard services for mass provision. For businesses with under 5000 staff many EAP providers may find it hard to engage meaningfully with you as a client . They may not really know your business and local environment or may be unable to flexibly support your wellbeing strategy or staff needs .

This can translate to an EAP that is under used and lacks real staff engagement.

Havant and East Hants Mind believes its alternatives to a standard EAP outlined below are worth looking at.

Our approach

We would like a long term partnership rather than just a procurement contract. We will take time to get to know your business and your staff and work with you to promote a bespoke approach for your organisation. We also maximise the opportunity to promote our own independently funded free services, information and training for your staff and their families.

Within our Employee Assistance Programme we propose the following bespoke offer

  • One to one support for staff, rapid access to our workplace wellbeing practitioners, and therapists as appropriate
  • Our unique support and development offer for Mental Health First Aiders or volunteer Mental Health Champions
  • Supportive communications to help improve access and challenge stigma

Our mission

Regardless of the services you purchase, we want to be involved in helping you to challenge stigma surrounding mental ill health and raise awareness and understanding.

Our location

We are based in the locality of your business with good local knowledge of local resources, and have lots of partnerships with others who can support the social determinants of health and wellbeing of your staff

Our brand and independence

  • We are a well known independent brand, trusted in the area of health and wellbeing
  • Although completely local, we have partnerships with national Mind and 150 other Minds across the country, sharing knowledge and resources. Remaining independent is vitally important to us
  • This is different to the usual EAP providers that act as extension of your own organisation. We offer a partnership that retains independence, takes more care when setting up but can work well for everyone

Our bespoke EAPs can include many of the services and training courses outlined on this website plus others as you require them.

Prices and Contact

We offer flexible pricing based on size and sector as well as size of purchase.

For more information or to request a quote for this training please contact by phone 07824 632148 or email [email protected]

Accreditations & Awards

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