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Connect 5

Connect 5 is an evidence based course perfect for businesses, local authorities, organisations like charities, community groups as well as individuals working in key settings. The Connect 5 course builds the capacity and capability of people to have more proactive and supportive conversations about mental health, wellbeing and suicide.


Evidence shows the impact the training is having across the county, leading to

  • better support for customers or clients,
  • better support for colleagues and promoting workplace wellbeing
  • better support family and friends particularly during the pandemic where more people have struggled than ever before.

The Connect 5 Course is delivered interactively by HEH experienced trainers on-line over 3 x 3hr sessions. Trainers currently have a 97% satisfaction rating.

More about Connect 5

Objectives of Connect 5 derive from national policy on mental health and behavioural research. Using the framework of the Five Ways to Wellbeing and principles of cognitive behavioural theory, it aims to empower people to have conversations about mental wellbeing. These conversations are intended to contribute towards promoting mental wellbeing, preventing mental health deterioration and when necessary, identifying and taking appropriate action to address mental distress.

Course Costs and dates

Please email us at [email protected] to find out about groups costs and looking at date options, to which we can offer face to face and virtual training options.

Accreditations & Awards