About the Men’s Shed project

The Men’s Shed group is an international organisation, originally started in Australia, set up to help alleviate the isolation of men caused by, for example, retiring from work. Many men can find that losing a stable & predictable working life very suddenly can be worrying & disheartening and the shed groups are a great help in helping to alleviate this problem.

Havant Shed Group has set up their group in partnership with ourselves at ‘Havant and East Hants MIND’ & the national UK Mens Shed Association at the old Age Concern building in Fraser Road, Bedhampton, opposite Havant Rugby Football club.

What we intend to do will be decided upon by the members of the Havant Shed group but typically they can include wood working (for example making & repairing things such as walking sticks etc.), toy making, bicycle repairs, days out and whatever people can think of or we can just sit around talking toot and drinking tea.

At the moment our main project is installing the new storage shed for supplies and things that aren’t needed currently in the main shed. The base is nearly complete -thanks to Alex & Terry, and as soon as the council give us permission we can have a shed raising day! Not bad for a large garden shed that was going to be burnt if no home could be found. The garden is now a pleasant place to be & the vegetables are growing like mad thanks to the large amount of rain recently and the care lavished on it by our gardening team.

Please see the Havant Shed website and our Facebook page for more ideas and news of what is intended for the Havant area group.

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