HEH Mind Ambassadors

The Mental Health Ambassador training will cover a range of topics and approaches. The aim will be to ensure Ambassadors feel comfortable talking with colleagues and listening to their conversations about mental health, illness and wellness and keeping mental health and wellbeing on the agenda.
Their role as an Ambassador will be introduced, explained and explored. The training will include the following:

  • Increased basic awareness of mental health
  • Developed confidence and skills in starting conversations in their workplace
  • Professionalism and healthy boundaries
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Risk factor vs protective factors for mental health

In addition an Ambassador will be informed about how to:

Support. Work with other people in the workplace to proactively support the mental wellbeing of staff/colleagues. Provide information about local services

Engage. Make links between the workplace and local mental health groups and organisations and encourage their members to get involved with your workplace

Share. Inform colleagues via social media and other media about Havant and East Hants Mind information, campaigns, events and services

Talk. Start conversations about mental health with colleagues

Advocate. Share guidance and information provided by Havant and East Hants Mind about mental health issues related to colleagues

Volunteer. Get involved and encourage others to participate actively in volunteer opportunities to support people experiencing mental health problems, either by direct or indirect support.

To be a Mental Health Ambassador workplaces will identify potential candidates and encourage them to complete a HEH Mind application form. HEH Mind will then recruit the Ambassador, deliver their training and provide ongoing support and resources throughout the year as required.

For more information about our training courses and to book please contact [email protected]

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