Support for Families

  • Where requested we also work intensively with whole families understanding the need for a holistic view of family life and wider family support networks. The support we provide is not universal across our area but we work in the following ways. 
  • In some areas of Havant and East Hampshire we work supporting the adults in families with their mental health and work closely with a host of other services supporting the child or the family too.
  • In other areas we may provide mental health support for all generations within a family, using range of skilled staff and approaches. This includes the All OK programme funded by Hampshire County Council /Havant Borough Council (in Havant borough), and the Active Families Programme Funded by Sport England (in Havant borough)
  • We also work with Hampshire County Council, Havant Borough Council and East Hants District Council delivering both intensive and non-intensive support as part of the  “Supporting families” programme.

For more information about our Work with Children & Families please contact us by phone: 023 92498916 or email: [email protected]