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Workplace Wellbeing for Line Managers

This course covers managing and supporting staff, preventing some of the triggers for illness, managing difficult conversations and/or the return to work.

The course is designed to ensure Line Managers:
  • Understand the different types of mental health issues in the workplace and their incidence
  • Recognise the link between workplace factors and emotional wellbeing
  • Can provide information and tools to support employees to manage their mental health
  • Understand how to link this to a supportive policy and good practice in the workplace
  • Are trained, supported and confident on mental health and wellbeing and how to positively promote it in the workplace
  • Are clear about the guidelines on mental health issues and how to implement them practically
  • Feel equipped to support staff who are experiencing mental health problems like anxiety, stress or depression
  • Can manage mental health related absence and presenteeism optimally
  • Are regularly asking staff about their wellbeing and can talk confidently about it
  • Can advise staff how mental health is managed in the workplace and what support pathways (internal and external) are available?
  • Are aware of and can signpost to internal support pathways

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