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Mental health awareness and resilience in the workplace for staff

Through the course you will build up a collection of tools and skills for coping better with stress, anxiety, relationship issues, social pressures and difficult emotions like anger.

The course’s training objectives are:

  • To understand the importance of resilience in managing workplace mental health
  • To provide an overview of techniques that can promote resilience
  • To identify personalised resilience toolkits
  • To signpost ways to further develop resilience skills

The course covers:

  •  The concept of resilience and traits of a ‘resilient’ person
  •  The interaction between resilience and managing stress at work

The course gives an overview of different approaches to improving resilience including:

  •  Positive psychology
  •  Self-awareness and workplace boundaries
  •  Technology and workplace mental health
  •  Mindfulness at work
  •  Stress management techniques
  • Practical examples of how to improve resilience in the workplace.
  • Action planning and/or goal setting of employees awareness/understanding of how mental health is managed and what support pathways (internal and external) are available.
  • Provide staff with a range of resources local and national that could promote better mental health and wellbeing and provide support to staff.

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