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How we use your donations

We’re a small organisation and we don’t have huge resources or a large income. We work hard for funds – and we need your help!

We rely on donations and fundraising to help fund the innovative work that we do supporting people in the community with mental health issues and fighting discrimination. We’re here to help people live life to the full, and our work wouldn’t be possible without you.

£25 pays for

  • A  venue where people experiencing isolation and loneliness can come together in a safe trusted location
  • Or for the course materials for all the participants attending one of our Mind groups (handouts, etc).

£75 pays for

  • A member of Mind staff to reach out and talk about symptoms, services and support to a group of new mums at risk of postnatal depression.
  • Or for our Children’s Service to deliver an assembly in school to break the stigma of mental health in schools.

£150 pays for

  • 6 one to one sessions with an adult or child – helping them to manage their symptoms of debilitating mental ill health better or to prevent self harm.

£550 pays for

  • Resources to support someone with an immediate debt / housing or other social crisis issue, to fix the immediate problem, to come up with plan and to obtain the support for a long term solution.

£750 pays for

  • 10 weeks of support for a child at risk of abuse or neglect to access our well being and creative arts / music projects
  • Or 1 year’s hosting and populating our website and all our social media accounts ensuring everyone can find us easily and see the impact we are having.

£1,250 pays for

  • A 6 week symptom management course for 10 people
  • Or pays all our phone bills for 1 month – keeping us in touch with everyone who desperately needs us

£2,500 pays for

  • The recruitment, training and support of 10 volunteers for 1 year to help us to reach more people than we ever could alone.
  • Or to run a campaign and service user forum that involves and informs local people by challenging and driving systematic change and improvements of their care

Accreditations & Awards