Run the GREAT SOUTH RUN for Havant and East Hants Mind.

Thank you for thinking of running for us!

The Great South Run (GSR) takes place in late October each year. We are only a small charity seeing about 1000 local people each year. We are therefore not able to purchase any places “en bloc” at the GSR so we are hope that you “the fundraiser” will pay the entry fee yourselves (£41 in 2017).

There is no pressure to fund raise for us. We feel it’s incredibly important to raise the profile of the work we do – any funds you raise are of course a bonus.

As you have already paid to enter the run and will be running for us – that’s already a great gesture but we hope some people will be inspired by your commitment and many give some pennies too!

We will provide you with a Havant and East Hampshire Mind T-Shirt which will help raise awareness of our charity on your run – and afterwards as well, we hope.

How to raise funds for Havant and East Hants Mind

  1. Tell us you intend to fund raise for us by sending an email to or a message us on Facebook. We will email you with further information to help.
  2. The best way is to set up an online giving page because this cuts down on the paperwork and the money goes directly into our account from the sponsor so you don’t have to collect it after the event. It also makes it easier for us to claim the extra 25% extra Gift Aid from the government.
  3. We use two main websites which you can sign up to; then you can promote your run and our cause on social media, Facebook, Twitter and email to everyone you know. Once you sign up you need to remember to nominate Havant and East Hants Mind as your charity. (If you nominate just “Mind” we will not get the money). or you can use 

If you need paper fundraising forms to collect cash them please email and we will send you some electronic copies to print off.

You can find all the information about the GSR itself and how to enter via their website 

2017 was the first year we have ever had runners supporting Havant and East Hants Mind in the GSR. Seven heros raised over £1000 for HEH Mind. Find out how well they all performed and read their comments.

Any other support you require please contact us on 02392 498916 and ask for Ross.

Good luck and get training.