Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA)

Who would need an IMCA?

In some situations an IMCA must be provided to someone who lacks capacity. This is called non-instructed advocacy. This would happen if the person is aged 16 and over and:

  • A decision needs to be made about either a long-term change in accommodation or serious medical treatment,
  • The person lacks the capacity to make that decision, and
    There is no-one independent of services, such as a family member or friend, who is “appropriate to consult”.
  • In some cases, for example in Care Reviews and Adult Protection situations, an IMCA may also be provided. This is particularly true for Adult Protection cases, where an IMCA may be provided even if family and friends are there to consult with.

Where do we operate?

Havant and East Hants, and Fareham and Gosport.

Who can I speak to?

Please contact the IMCA Advocacy service on 023 92484422.

You can find a referral form here