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Care Act Advocacy

The Care Act 2014 ensures that anyone who needs support to engage with local authority processes, and has no-one appropriate to help, will get an advocate.

If your Care Manager is undertaking an assessment of your needs, planning for your care, or reviewing the support for your care you are entitled to have someone to help you take part in the process, and ensure that your wellbeing is at the centre of all decision making.

A Care Act Advocate can also be involved if there is a safeguarding enquiry to ensure that you can engage in the process.

A Care Act Advocate will find out information about you and your wishes to inform the decisions. They will also help you participate in these processes and make sure that you are involved at every stage.

You are entitled by law to a Care Act Advocate if you have substantial difficulty in taking part, and have no one else who is appropriate to do this role.

Your Care Manager will need to agree that you have substantial difficulty in being involved.

If you are a vulnerable person, have a care need or are a carer, young carer or young person in transition and you would have difficulty in being involved in these processes, you can ask your Care Manager to make a referral. You can speak to us for more information on 02392 484422 or email [email protected]

Referral forms can be found here in PDF or Word versions

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