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Meet the Team

Julie Parker

CEO Havant and East Hants Mind

  1. Responsible for the strategic direction of the charity
  2. Championing mental health provision and support for local people
  3. Representing the charity and working with local leaders to ensure provision and services
  4. Lead for standards and governance
  5. Reporting to Trustees

Email: [email protected]

Maria Morrell

Deputy CEO Havant and East Hants Mind

  1. Developing and overseeing Havant and East Hants Mind’s services
  2. Identifying opportunities for strategic development and partnership working
  3. Ensuring the safeguarding and welfare of service users
  4. Responsible for policies and procedures
  5. Support the Chief Executive Julie Parker in her role, including covering when she is away

Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: Maria’s LinkedIn page


Ross Borman

Business Development Manager

  1. Diversifying HEH Mind’s service provision and income streams (including fundraising strategy) 
  2. Delivering change and improvement in partnerships and collaborations
  3. Project managing /design set up a range of commercial services and new contracts
  4. Developing HEH Mind to remain a robust and versatile charity for the future

Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: Ross’ LinkedIn page

Mike Lock

Head of Communication and Community Engagement

  1. Responsible for communications, branding, marketing and promotion
  2. Lead for fundraising activities and collaborations
  3. Facilitate relationships with workplaces, sports clubs, education and community settings
  4. Deliver training including: Connect 5, EFL – On Your Side, Ambassadors and awareness
  5. Lead for HEH Mind Ambassadors Project

Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: Mike’s LinkedIn page


Andy Foster

Training and Workplace Wellbeing Manager

  1. Delivering awareness training to organisations
  2. Creating new training and support offerings for the workplace
  3. Supporting Mental Health First Aiders in organisations
  4. Organising marketing and networking events 
  5. Support HEH Mind community delivery

Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: Andy’s LinkedIn page 

Samantha Richards

Adult Services Lead

  1. Lead for all HEH Mind Adult Services
  2. Responsible for overseeing the delivery, safety, quality, data reporting and compliance of our Adult Wellbeing Team and Adult Safe Haven
  3. Overseeing the Adult’s Safe Haven
  4. GDPR lead for the organisation

Email: [email protected]


Hannah Buckingham

Family Wellbeing Manager

  1. Develop and deliver an empowering and inclusive service to families struggling with their mental health
  2. Identifying opportunities to develop and grow our service
  3. Partnership working with other agencies
  4. Managing family support workers and supporting them to deliver a comprehensive and wrap around service to families

Email: [email protected]

Danielle Barnes

Contract lead (Children & Young People’s Services)

  1. Strategic Lead for HEH Mind’s Children & Young People’s (CYP) services 
  2. Responsible for overseeing the delivery, quality, data reporting and compliance of CYP Havant Safe Haven, Hampshire & IOW Crisis Line and CYP Wellbeing Service
  3. Developing provision to promote young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing
  4. Identifying opportunities for partnership working and service development
  5. Ensuring empowering young people is at the heart of the services we offer

Email: [email protected]


Amy Holder

Adult Wellbeing Manager / Wellbeing Lead for East Hampshire

  1. Co-ordinate the Adult Wellbeing Service
  2. Oversee and develop new services across East Hampshire
  3. Work in partnership with other agencies to meet the wellbeing needs of the community
  4. Support staff and volunteers to deliver a high quality service
  5. Ensure safeguarding risks are being managed

Email: [email protected]

Accreditations & Awards